Frank is currently the CFO of Eroton Exploration & Production Company Ltd. Before that, he was the Managing Director at Nima Capital Advisory Partners Limited. Prior to this, he was the Managing Director of Peace Alliance Consult Limited, an affiliate company of Oceanic Bank International Plc. Before that, he was the Group Head, Strategy, Finance and Risk Management at Oando Plc as well as the first Managing Director of Oando Exploration & Production. Nima Capital is supported by a sister company, Rock Forte Links Services Limited which invests, incubates, manages and supports the management of internal portfolio companies. Frank was the Project Director for the transition of the privatised NAFCON to the private sector where he managed recruitment of professional staff, rebuilding the plant, contracting and meeting with international experts and investors, which were successful efforts that put the plant back into operation and production as the only Urea fertilizer plant in Nigeria. As Group Head, Finance, Strategy and Risk Management at Oando Plc. he was responsible for supporting the CEO’s within the Group with setting the strategic direction of the company with regard to policy, finance and risk management policies. He successfully transitioned the company from IAS Standards to IFRS, the first company to do so in Nigeria and listed Oando in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Prior to Oando Plc., he was a Senior Manager at the Washington Consulting Practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers Washington DC in the Global Risk Management Solutions unit and later transferred to Nigeria for three years. He led numerous Management consultancy assignments and his professional experience with PwC focused on mergers and acquisitions, business recovery, government consulting, strategic risk management, financial systems effectiveness, and new methodology development. He was in international  consultancy spanning 9 countries from 1997 to 2004. An M.Sc and MBA holder, Frank was also an independent consultant servicing Howard Hughes Medical Institute and General Electric. He has worked extensively in South America, Canada, Europe and Africa and is fluentin English, with passable knowledge of French and Spanish.